Sports Field Surfacing

CombiTile offers as a durable and long-lasting underlay for artificial turf surfaces, ensuring consistent shock attenuation and effective drainage for sports fields. Benefits include a reliable playing surface level, excellent drainage, and all-weather playability.

It adheres to fall attenuation standards, with options for surface finishes and the ability for synthetic grass to bounce back to shape. CombiTile is suitable for installation in all weather conditions, providing a resilient and predictable surface for sports fields with a focus on player safety, performance, and durability.

Key Features

A long lasting, durable artificial turf surface with consistent, predictable shock attenuation and drainage.

Using CombiTile in sports fields surfacing provides many benefits:

  • Consistent level of playing surface
  • Excellent drainage and cooling
  • Installed in all weathers
  • Playable in all weathers
  • Fall attenuation – ASNZ4685:2004 to 3 metres
  • Options for playing surface finish
  • Allows synthetic grass to bounce back to shape

Future Product Design & Development

19mm – 25mm tile (¾” – 1″) and standard 50mm tile for Sports Fields:

CombiTile future development image

David Horne

Sales, marketing & distribution

Graham Brown

Technical, design, installation

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