Water Park Surfacing


CombiLock® is a durable and slip-resistant surfacing system designed for water parks, splash pads, and various wet or dry areas. Suited for both indoor and outdoor venues, it requires a concrete substrate with proper drainage.

CombiLock meets essential criteria, including slip resistance, cost-effective life cycle, child-friendly aesthetics, a minimum 5-year lifespan, minimal fading, chlorine resistance, and resistance to mold and fungus. It offers installation and storage benefits, providing an attractive, hardwearing solution for year-round use, especially in colder climates where indoor water parks are becoming more prevalent.

Key Features

CombiLock® provides an attractive, hardwearing and slip-resistant surfacing system for water parks, splash pads and other wet or dry areas

While the great majority of water parks are outdoors, recent years have seen more indoor venues built for year-round use, particularly in colder climates. Water parks require a concrete substrate with good drainage. CombiLock meets the following criteria:

  • Slip resistant
  • Cost effective life cycle
  • Attractive and appealing to children
  • Minimum 5 year life span
  • Minimal fade and appearance retention
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Mould and fungus resistant
  • Installation & storage benefits

Showcasing CombiTile drainage excellence

Showcasing CombiTile drainage excellence