Sustainability and safety in aquatic playgrounds and splash pads CombiLock® and CombiFlex® Products

SUstainability in Splash Pads - water savings,chemical savings and fall cushioning
Sustaianable Splash Pad solution with

Project: Splash pad in St Clairsville

Requirement: Sustainable splash pad installation to replace wetpour.

Solution: Combilock® + Combiflex® in a wet playground

CombiFlex® provides critical fall height in wet playgrounds and Combilock® provides a slip resistance and a sustainable water drainage solution in splash pads and wet playgrounds. Water and chemical savings are significant and unmatched by competitor products.

Combilock® is the only specifically engineered product to provide water drainage and cushioning in splash pads and water parks. It is not reliant on adhesives and offers a 5 year warranty which is far in excess of any competing products. Combilock® is used in  splash pads to pools, waterparks, locker rooms and bathrooms.


CombiTile products meet the following Standards


AS NZ4422:2016
AS NZ4586:2013
AS TM F1292


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