CombiFlex® Projects – Rooftop  Playgrounds & High Rise Playgrounds

Project: Children’s play area – rooftop in Hong Kong

Requirement: Drainage and Critical fall height –  reduced surface heat, good drainage and reduced playground injuries.

Solution: CombiFlex® + CombiMesh using wet pour on high rise rooftop playground

CombiFlex® provides critical fall height in children’s playgrounds.For an equivalent level of critical fall height CombiFlex weighs approximately 12% of the equivalent SBR.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)  binder/adhesive additives are not present in CombiFlex®.


With expected changes in playground standards requiring critical fall height testing annually, CombiFlex® offers a durable long term solution for reliable critical fall height surfacing with a 5 year warranty. CombiFlex® sites have had consistent ASNZ422:2016 critical fall height results without deterioration or erosion.

CombiFlex® is made from a high impact  polypropylene copolymer and provides excellent critical fall height in children’s playgrounds. Play areas using just wet pour materials ( ie not using wetpour over CombiFlex® ) have varying reductions of critical fall height over time as the surface compacts and wears down. This results in safety reduction, ongoing maintenance and frequent replacement.

CombiFlex® requires minimal adhesive and is not impacted by the current global adhesive shortage.





Playground surfacing in Hong Kong – critical fall height resulting in increased safety in children’s playgrounds
Highrise Playground surfacing solution
Combiflex provides childrens playground surfacing safety solution

CombTile products meet the following Standards


AS NZ4422:2016
AS NZ4586:2013
AS TM F1292