The Medowie Macadamia farm in Medowie, NSW has a children’s playground area using CombiFlex critical fall height tiles under synthetic grass.

The CombiFlex and synthetic turf were installed over 3 years ago, and there are no reported injuries to children due to falls in that time. The photographs show no deterioration in the surface of the play area, no changes in the level of synthetic grass surface, no CombiFlex tile relief appearing, and no undulations in the synthetic turf.

A further AS/NZS4685:2014 critical fall height test was conducted in August 2018 with a result of 2.4 metres – no deterioration in the CFH protection.

The site tested was 32mm Synthetic Grass with 10-15mm sand infill over 660gm/msq CombiMesh layer over a standard CombiFlex shock attenuation layer on 80mm of stabilised crushed rock.