Splash Pad with Combilock – Attenuation/Critical Fall Height/Water Saving achieved

Director of Housing, Nellis Air Force Base, Hunt Military Communities – Community Splash Pad and Wet Playground

When we were researching everything for our splash pad and all the different surfaces we could put in, CombiLock® over CombiFlex® was the state of the art technology. I went though and researched every YouTube video and every testimonial and recall seeing the  CombTile products at a USA  Trade show.

Everything that came back was positive. There was not one negative in putting in this surface. We are hoping, with as much use as it gets at Nellis Air Force Base, that this will be the product and start seeing it in other places.

We had used pour in place EPDM – I didn’t want to use that, given that after 3 years it is deteriorating, 4 years it is pretty much hard and after 5 years it is no longer a viable substance.”

CombiLock® requires minimal adhesive and is not effected by the current adhesive shortage. Splash Pad water savings of up to 30% and critical fall height to 2.5 metres (over 8 feet CFH) are key features of CombiLock®  in Splash Pads, Water Parks and other barefoot playgrounds.

A 5 year product warrant is offered.
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Nellis Air Force Base Testimonial – CombiLock wins over EPDM/Pour in Place