Combilock® and CombiFlex® Projects – sustainability in water playgrounds

Project: Splashpad in Florida

Requirement: Sustainable splash pad installation to replace wetpour.

Solution: Combilock® + Combiflex® in a wet playground

CombiFlex® provides critical fall height in wet playgrounds and Combilock® provides a non slip and water drainage solution in splashpads and wet playgrounds

There is an increasing need for sustainable splashpad solutions to reduce water wastage and reduce chemical usage in splashpads and water playgrounds. The Combitile range of products has just been installed in Florida, USA after the chemicals and UV attacked tradition the wetpour solution. Combitile does not require adhesives and offers a 5 year warranty which is far in excess of any competing products.

CombTile products meet the following Standards

AS NZ4422:2016
AS NZ4586:2013
AS TM F1292